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Maintenence & Repair

You count on your gear to support your life.  We count on your life to support us.  So when we service your gear, we take care of your gear as if it were our own personal gear.  The below prices are the base prices for labor, extensive labor may carry additional charges.  Parts carry additional charges as well.
1st Stage Regulator
Service 1st stage regulators with up to 1 swivel
Typical Interval*: $Annual
Cost: $37
1st Stage Regulator W/ Multiple Swivels
Service 1st stage regulators with more than 1 swivel
Typical Interval*: $Annual
Cost: $45
2nd Stage Regulator
Service each 2nd stage regulator. Cost is per regulator.
Typical Interval*: $Annual
Cost: $20
Integrated Air Source
Service integrated air source regulator.
Typical Interval*: $Annual
Cost: $25
Diver Serviceable Battery
Replace diver serviceable batteries. Cost is per battery.
Typical Interval*: $Annual
Cost: $15
Non-Diver Serviceable Battery
Replace non-diver serviceable batteries. Cost is per battery.
Typical Interval*: $Annual
Cost: $CALL
Clean & Check B.C.D.
Clean both the inside and out of the B.C.D. and make sure that the B.C.D. is in working condition.
Typical Interval*: $Annual
Cost: $20
Air Fill
Air Fill per cylinder
Typical Interval*: $N/A
Cost: $9
Cylinder Visual Inspection (w/ air fill)
Visually inspect the inside of the cylinder for damage, corrosion, and other abnormalities. This service includes an air fill.
Typical Interval*: $Annual
Cost: $20
O2 Tank Cleaning
Clean and prepare the cylinder for use with Nitrox.
Typical Interval*: $N/A
Cost: $40
EDDY Current on all Aluminum Tanks
Perform visual EDDY test for hairline fractures in cylinders.
Typical Interval*: $N/A
Cost: $10
Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing W/ V.I.P. and Air Fill
Perform Hydrostatic test, visual eddy, visual inspection of the cylinder, and fill the cylinder
Typical Interval*: $Every 5 years
Cost: $60

All tanks need to be empty
Doubles MUST be disassembled
Normal Turn-around time 2-3 Weeks

*Typical Interval is just that ... typical.  Please consult the Owner's Manual for your equipment to find the necessary service interval to maintain your warranty.

All labor to be paid in advance. All parts are paid on pickup. Most service takes 2 weeks unless parts need to be ordered. To honor warranties, all paperwork must be presented prior to work beginning. All warranty paperwork is the responsibility of the diver.

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